Very busy, but in a good way

Hello all, I will write quickly as I am very busy right now. Outside of my normal work I was doing a technical review for an upcoming Apress book [the plug]. Long story short, I am writing several chapters for it now, which is very exciting but also, of course, more work than normal for me.

Recap of some events of late: Tressa won the door prize of $100 in Mary K cosmetics/manicure from our Valentine's day dinner at The Ivy. We went to a wedding in Hudson Bay this weekend. It was a fun time, but ungodly cold -35 celsius without windchill when we left. Tressa and her mom left today for Las Vegas for a week (T's graduation gift from her mom). Meanwhile, I am holding the fort in town and getting my work done, braving the cold and probably returning to my night owl bad habits for awhile.