Brian Danchilla
Software Developer/Consultant

Brian Danchilla provides web based data solutions, and offers the modernizing and troubleshooting of legacy applications.

Equipped with knowledge of the full stack - front/backend, database, server, devops, he is ready to work on any project.

Brian Danchilla has a proven track record of using industry best practices, techniques and tools to get a job done not only quickly, but also correctly and maintainably.

Preferred Tools: Laravel, Angular, Vue, Linux, AWS


  • Software Developer & Consultant2011 - Present

    Brian Danchilla
    • Created a custom program for a client to scrape car advertisements on a large classified site and cross reference against recent auction results.
    • Integrated automated and manual online payments with merchant gateway APIs using XML and cURL.
    • Designed a new REST API that combined a client's existing MVC and Symfony components and customizations.
    • Troubleshot and fixed browser CSS, JavaScript, and back-end logical bugs.
    • Found and fixed webpage and script performance bottlenecks and memory leaks using XDebug, a custom profiling library, and database explain statements.
    • Upgraded legacy systems to separate MVC logic and use best practices.
    • Added unit tests with PHPUnit and behavioral tests with Behat.

    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, SQL

  • Author & Technical Reviewer2008 - 2014

    O'Reilly, Apress
    • Authored "Beginning WebGL for HTML5, 2012", a book about using the new WebGL canvas API 3D context.
    • Contributed as an author to "HTML5 Games Most Wanted, 2012". Wrote a chapter on WebGL programming.
    • Served as technical reviewer for "Foundation HTML 5 Animation with JavaScript, 2011". Performed a technical review for the book's 2D Canvas context.
    • Co-authored "Pro PHP Programming, 2011". Wrote on the topics of JSON, XML, AJAX, security, social media APIs, libraries, refactoring, unit testing, and continuous integration.
    • Served as technical reviewer for "Physics for JS Games and Simulations", a book using the 2D canvas API with a heavy emphasis on physics equations.
    • Served as a technical reviewer for "PHP: The Good Parts", a book about the good and bad parts of the PHP language.

    Technologies: PHP, WebGL, JavaScript, Physics

  • Software Developer2010 - 2011

    • Created a VOIP desktop client using the Java and C++ libraries (JNA).
    • Worked with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and PJSIP library.
    • Made GUI revisions using Swing and third party libraries.
    • Completed data processing of large CSV and XML automotive listings into a PostgreSQL database using PHP.
    • Implemented Google Analytics and AdSense optimizations for analyzing keywords.

    Technologies: Java, VOIP, C++, PHP

  • Senior Software Developer 2008 - 2010

    • Handled Drupal CMS customizations, including creating advanced AJAX search and Twitter feed modules.
    • Implemented a SOAP client to process financial share transactions over SSL.
    • Converted a legacy ColdFusion system into PHP.
    • Created a reusable PHP utility library for projects.
    • Upgraded and maintained websites to use more modern CSS, HTML, and jQuery widgets.

    Technologies: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Drupal

  • Computer Programmer2006 - 2008

    Chinook School Division
    • Created a custom inventory tracker for the computer department using PHP and MySQL.
    • Created a work order system for the maintenance department using PHP and MySQL.
    • Wrote a time sheet tracking system for payroll using jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
    • Created and maintained a divisional website that used Drupal and LDap.
    • Integrated third party libraries into custom eLearning software.

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, HTML, Excel

  • Knowledge Facilitator/Researcher2002 - present

    • Consultant on legacy and new PHP code systems (2013 - present)
    • PHP course instructor for Paladin Business Solutions (2007)
    • Summer research assistant and NSERC scholar (2002 - 2003) examining bioinformatics programs and open conjectures in number theory
    • Worked as a university marker, teaching assistant, private tutor and at the mathematics help centre (2002 - 2004)

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, HTML, Excel


  • BS with Double Honours Degree
    in Computer Science and Mathematics2000 - 2004

    University of Saskatchewan

Programming Skills

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • NoSQL

  • Java

  • HTML5

  • CSS3


  • Angular JS

  • Laravel

  • Symfony 2

  • Twitter Bootstrap


  • jQuery

  • Facebook API

  • WebGL


  • git

  • Command line

Knowledge Base

  • Algorithms

  • Data Analysis

  • Continuous Learning

Some of the projects I am proud of

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