audio playlist skin github project

I unfortunately do not contribute to open source nearly as much as I should. It is difficult to find time and energy outside of all the hours I spend on my profession. I also do not like to reinvent existing libraries if I do not need to. Usually the functionality I am looking for exists on github or packagist already. I may need to modify the code slightly and if I think others can benefit I will submit a pull request.

I have been looking for a simple way to create an HTML5 audio playlist for use on my Music Spotlight - Songs page. I narrowed the search down to audio.js because it focuses on audio not audio/video and is fairly simple to implement. There is also an existing playlist demo. This is a good baseline, but I wanted to be able to shift tracks with GUI buttons and also adjust the volume, handle playlist errors, etc so decided to create a skin for the player.

You can download the skin on github at I hope some people find it useful! Cheers.