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Music Favourites for 2012

In alphabetical order, here are 10 albums released in 2012 that I enjoyed.

  • anais mitchell young man in america
    anais mitchell - young man in america

    I really enjoy the first few songs of the album. Male and female singing, a sparse guitar rhythm, kick drum and background howlin noises - some type of horn.

    Key Tracks:  young man in america, wilderland

  • dr. john locked down
    dr. john - locked down

    Full of energy, bluesy

    Key Tracks:  locked down, ice age, you lie

  • leonard cohen old ideas
    leonard cohen - old ideas

    sounds like classic cohen. some lush choirs accompany the lyrics of one of the masters.

    Key Tracks:  crazy to love you, going home

  • mark knopfler privateering
    mark knopfler - privateering

    Knopfler shows that he can not only play guitar but also is an apt singer and songwriter. A solid mix of bluesy rock, Celtic ballads, and storytelling.

    Key Tracks:  privateering, go love, corn beef city

  • mumford & sons babel
    mumford & sons - babel

    Not on par with their stellar debut album, it nonetheless is a good album - complete with pop-banjo and love and loath ballads.

    Key Tracks:  i will wait, lover of the light

  • neil young & crazy horse psychedic pill
    neil young & crazy horse - psychedic pill

    These are long, some very long, songs that loop and repeat and is not 'solo acoustic Neil Young'. So not all Young fans will enjoy this album. In the right mood, in the right zone out frame of mine though it can hit the spot. Some songs also have a compelling narrative.

    Key Tracks:  drifting back, ramada inn, she's always dancing

  • plants and animals the end of that
    plants and animals - the end of that

    I am big fan of Plants and Animals. No this is no Parc Avenue, and is in probably too many musical directions. However, it also has a number of great songs from the Dylanesque title track, to the radio friendly 'Light show' and the also catchy 'Why & Why'.

    Key Tracks:  light show, why & why, the end of that

  • shins (the) port of morrow
    shins (the) - port of morrow

    Not in the top three Shins albums of all time, it still has it's moments where you are comforted by the voice of James Mercer.

    Key Tracks:  simple song, 40 mark strasse

  • allo' darlin europe
    allo' darlin - europe

    soft and soothing and poppy

    Key Tracks:  tallulah, the letter, northern lights

  • lumineers (the) the lumineers
    lumineers (the) - the lumineers

    Probably the most consistent album on the list to me, there are a number of standout tracks and a lot of potential for this band. Add another vocalist to the list that I wouldn't mind sounding like.

    Add a nice cello dynamic - with more up tempo music then a cello usually accompanies, and a gifted lyricist to round out the mixture.

    Key Tracks:  ho hey, slow it down, stubborn love

Some great older albums that I listened to for the first time during 2012

  • noah gundersen - family (2011)

    A great young singer songwriter.
    Key Tracks: David, Fire, Family

  • gotye - making mirrors (2011)

    Key Tracks: Somebody that I used to know, Eyes Wide Open

  • wolf parade - expo '86 (2010)

    Key Tracks: What did my lover say? (It always had to be this way)

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