Our Wedding

On October 27th, 2012 I married my beautiful wife Tressa (nee Kirstein) in Saskatoon with friends and family on hand. Wedding Pose

I found the ceremony itself stressful, but once it was complete the day was very enjoyable. It was frosty outside so we did not get too many pictures. Luckily the ones we have are pretty nice. The limo ride until the reception and the reception itself went by very fast.

Months of planning were done and no major problems were had. Speeches at the reception were good, and it was great to see everyone who could make it down.

Tressa wedding gown Tressa and I have not gone on an official honeymoon yet, but did take a few days off after the wedding before we returned to our regular work, staying in town at a fancy hotel suite. 2012 was a very busy, eventful and expensive year - we bought our first home, among other things - and we are planning on taking a longer holiday in April 2013.


No kids on the way yet...